Getting Rid of X-Lite

At work we use SIP/VoIP, and since I’m the one without a hard phone (e.g., a real phone), I use a soft phone (e.g., software + headset) when I need to make or take a call. I’ve been using X-Lite for the past few months, which by all outward appearances is a solid, working softphone. However, it’s become increasingly annoying to me since it:

* Likes to forget to make my headset the default audio device
* Refuses to allow me to use the “Transfer” feature (pay upgrade)
* Pops up that annoying as hell “Video” window on start
* Has an ugly interface
* Sometimes just freezes randomly

I’ve been trying to find an alternate softphone, and finally seem to have. [3CX Phone](http://www.3cx.com/VOIP/voip-phone.html) seems to work like a charm, doesn’t nag me to pay for anything (I don’t even think there is a paid version), and lets me easily transfer calls, etc.

We’ll see how it goes on call quality, but so far, so good. Eat it, X-Lite.

Update: I now just use a Polycom Hardphone. But I do have 3CX installed on my Android for those “out of office” times I need it!

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