Making Facebook Useful

I’m not a particularly big fan of Facebook, but I recognize its usefulness in some ways, so I have an account. My brother (and a bunch of other folks I know) seem to be pretty addicted to the site, for reasons unknown to me. Maybe that’s the same reason I find keeping a Twitter account useless (no, I don’t have one).

So imagine my surprise when I sign in today and discover that I can’t find friends of mine from a certain city I’m visiting soon. Searching for said city returns a bunch of people, events, *web results* and other things of no relevance. Apparently Facebook thinks people would rather find new “friends” than search the ones they have.

After searching *Google* for some sanity-checking, someone had this link to share, which apparently is exactly what I wanted in the first place. Attempts to find this page from the Facebook interface were met with frustration and failure, until about 10 minutes later I found it under “Edit Friends”. Edit Friends? What?

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but why is searching your friends list under “Edit” and actual searching doesn’t search your friends? Did the use-case focus group goof up?

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