Importing Amarok 1.4 statistics into Amarok 2.2

This assumes you use mysql/external:

* Save your amarok <2.2 database:

mysqldump -uroot -p amarok > amarok.db #adjust for your system

* Re-import it as database “amarok1”
* Drop your original amarok database and let Amarok 2.2 otherwise re-create it.
* Look at amarok.urls.rpath and amarok1.statistics.url to determine the prepending path difference

Execute the following queries:

update amarok1.statistics set url=REPLACE(url,"./", "./mnt/hdd750/"); /* replace "./mnt/hdd750/" with the prepending difference you saw in the earlier step */

insert into amarok.statistics (url,createdate,accessdate,score,rating,playcount,deleted) select id,createdate,accessdate,percentage,rating,playcounter,deleted from amarok1.statistics s1 inner join amarok.urls u2 on(s1.url=u2.rpath);

Preseto, Amarok 2.2 now has your old statistics.