Netcat + Tar for simple file transfers

This past week I spent 3 days watching a 3-thread sftp process transfer over a system backup of 53GB. This backup in particular had a ton of files and directories, and I suspect most of the actual time was spent querying and creating the files rather than the actual transfer itself. Now that everything is transferred over, I can rsync it against another machine, but that’s another story.

In searching for a better way than what I did, I found this cool gem:

On the sender:

tar cf - directory_to_copy | netcat other_host 7000

On the receiver:

netcat -l -p 7000 | tar x

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A Big Pet Peeve

One thing that absolutely drives me nuts is when other blogs, news sites, or other sources of information do not include the year of the entry, or even the entire date itself. What the heck?! Take this for example. I was searching for information about the AA/BA deal and Google gave me [this site]( Great, except how do I know how old this was? Maybe it was referencing another deal 4 years ago? Ugh. I had to dig into the -trash- comments for a datestamp.

I see this problem strewn everywhere especially with blog posts. Great that you published a few nice posts 3 days ago… or was it 3 days and 3 years? Always frustrates me.

Making Diffs

Because I always forget…

diff -rupN original/ new/ > original.patch

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Palm Pre Emulator on Linux (Networking)

I updated my Pre emulator to the 1.3.5 SDK, only to notice none of the Internet applications worked. I searched and found one post by a guy on Stack Overflow with an incredibly unhelpful answer of RTFM (which, TFM does not even apply here).

I spent some time and figured it out. So, if you run into this problem, solve it as follows:

Log into your emulator via novacom:

$ novacom -t open tty://

Show the network routes (note the default gateway):

$ ip route show

Edit /etc/resolv.conf and change the line there to the same one as the default gateway.

$ vi /etc/resolv.conf

NB you may need to remount the filesystem as readwrite. I forget if this is the case.

My resolv.conf was, when it should have been If you’ve never used vi before, press “i” to begin edit mode, then when you’re done, press the ESC key, and then press “ZZ” (upper case z twice).

You should notice your Pre emulator suddenly has network access again.