My waffle maker is a lower-cost one, and doesn’t have a lot of clearance between the quarters – meaning if the mixture is too thin or crispy, it will fall apart when trying to take it out of the iron. This recipe from food.com https://www.food.com/recipe/the-best-belgian-waffles-63071 ticks the boxes for my equipment and always results in […]

Chai Tea Mix

From https://keeperofthehome.org/how-to-make-real-indian-masala-chai-tea-in-5-minutes-2/ I make this in a smaller quantity than the linked recipe, but the proportions are the same. Makes for an excellent home made chai tea.


I’ve tried a lot of pancake recipes (including many frou-frou ones). But I always come back to the Better Homes and Gardens recipe which is just a solid American pancake recipe.